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Our Genteel Review

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I wanted to write this post to let you know about a great little device that has helped us out tremendously.

It’s called the Genteel Lancing Instrument.

Genteel box

For anyone who doesn’t know, my daughter is a type 1 diabetic.

She was diagnosed at 10 years old, which was 5 years ago.

Her diagnosis date was this just this month actually. It is 4-4-14.

Hard to believe it’s already been that long.

We have learned a lot and came a long way though.

You can read more about Our Diagnosis Story here.

But, anyway, back to the point.

Since she was so young, I had a lot of trouble getting her to check her blood.

It was a major struggle.

And, it’s very important that she does this at least 3-4 times a day.

Usually, it’s more than that, but I would have been happy with getting at least that many a day.

She just absolutely hated it though.

There were many days that I would have to push and push to get blood readings.

She would just cry and complain that it hurt her so badly.

Of course, you feel bad for them when this happens.

But, getting that reading is part of controlling it.

I had to make her check it.

So, I started doing some research on an easier way to get this done.

I started out by trying different sized lancets.

I thought a smaller needle would maybe be less painful.

And they were, but it was still just not enough.

We have tried so many different things.

I have tons of extra products piled up that we tried and didn’t work.

It’s aggravating that we are wasting all of this stuff too.

There are many things we have tried that we only used one or two of.

But, then I stumbled across some information about the Genteel device.




What is Genteel?

It’s made different than any other lancing device and offers pain-free blood testing.

You get the perfect drop of blood without pain, using vacuum and depth control.

And because of the way it’s made, you can check your blood from almost anywhere on your body.

It’s really great to have that option when their little fingers have been so abused.

Plus, there are fewer pain nerves when you use an alternative site.

Genteel can be used by absolutely anyone too.

I have seen it used on everyone from babies to the elderly.

Once it is customized to your body, you’ll get consistent blood draws every time.

There were many reviews that claimed it worked.

I was very skeptical though.

I mean, how many fake reviews are out there!

There is always someone trying to sell something, and it’s hard to trust what they say.

I had even asked her doctors about it, but they didn’t know much about it.

So, I was very undecided.

Purchase Out of pocket

Then there is the fact that it is also a bit pricey.

Insurance does not cover the Genteel.

We had to purchase it full price.

$100 may not be much to some, but it was a lot for us, especially at the time I purchased it.

And, I was worried that she may not like it, but they do offer a 120-day money back guarantee.

So, I figured if she didn’t like it, we could always send it back.

I was to the place that anything is worth a try.

Plus, $100 is nothing compared to her having better control.

There isn’t any amount of money to equal her health!

Give it a Try

So, I decided to give it a go.

We scraped up the money and purchased it.

And I am so thankful I did.

She loves it!

While I won’t say it is absolutely pain-free, it is definitely less painful.

It’s the only lancing device she has used in a couple of years.

That’s proof that it’s the best on the market for drawing blood.

checking blood

How Genteel Works

Genteel works more like a vacuum.

It draws the blood out.

So there is no more squeezing their fingers to get enough blood.

It comes with a set of 6 contact tips in different sizes.

Genteel contact tips

These are what measures how far the needle actually goes in.

They draw blood from such a shallow lance site, it does not reach the pain nerves.

Which makes drawing your blood virtually painless.

We still use the smallest one, she seems to like it best.

Genteel Butterfly Touch Lancets

Keep this in mind as well.

Genteel works with many square-shaft lancets, but they do recommend their Butterfly Touch Lancets.

And although it does work with other brands, they don’t work as well.

After we used up the sample pack of lancets her Genteel came with, we tried using other brands.

We tried quite a few of them too.

Her insurance will cover lancets from other brands, but not Genteel. 

That’s why we tried other brands first.

Her doctor even tried to order ones with the smallest needles. 

They didn’t work, they still hurt more.

I’m pretty sure the Butterfly ones are even smaller than all other ones out there.

I ended up purchasing the Butterfly Touch ones and that’s all she uses now.

So, if you do decide to use the Genteel, make sure to purchase their lancets as well.

They are pretty cheap too.

You can get 1 box, which is 100 lancets, for under $10.

And if you want to save even more, you can purchase 3 boxes for less than $25.

So, they are definitely worth the money.

Genteel package

The Genteel Package

Inside the box, you get your Genteel Lancing Instrument, which comes in 7 different colors.

They are all pretty cool, but she chose to go with the purple one.

You will also receive two nozzles they are the clear part of the device.

And it comes with the six contact tips and a belt and pouch holding clip.

It also comes with a travel and organizer pouch to hold all of your supplies.

They give you a sample package of their Butterfly Touch Lancets.

It even included stickers so you can decorate it how you want.

They are really cute and especially great if it is for a small child.

Hers didn’t last real long, but you can add an extra set for a couple bucks if you know your child will like them.

So all in all, I highly recommend giving Genteel a try.

It’s the best way to get the perfect drop of blood. 

No matter if it’s for yourself or your child.

How to Purchase

Get all of your Genteel supplies right here. 
Find the lancing device, butterfly lancets, and any replacement products you may need directly from Genteel
That way you know your getting their quality products.




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4 thoughts on “Our Genteel Review

  1. I’m glad you were able to find a lancing product that is almost painless for your daughter! I’m so grateful that I don’t have to use one of these myself or for anyone in my family, but it’s great to know that this option is there for those who need it.

    1. I am SO grateful for products that help ease the pain of this disease! Technology is a wonderful thing. Glad you don’t know anyone that needs it and I hope it stays that way! Also hoping I am able to help someone out by sharing what worked for us.

  2. I think it’s great that we live in a world where such helpful devices exist and make people’s lives easier! I’m so glad to hear your daughter likes it!!


    1. Thank you. Technology certainly can make our lives easier! So grateful for anything that can help to ease the lives of those dealing with this terrible disease!

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