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How Random Acts of Kindness Can Help You

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Have you ever heard of random acts of kindness? I’m sure that you have, even if you weren’t sure what it was called. I’m sure you have even been the recipient of a random act of kindness. Let’s talk a little bit about what these are and how random acts of kindness can help you.

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What are Random Acts of Kindness?

A random act of kindness can be many things. Maybe it’s a good deed, selfless act, small gift, or even just a kind word. Do you know that even just a smile can brighten someone’s day?

Try to think about some of the times a random act of kindness has made you feel better. Was there a time when someone has helped you out in a difficult situation? Or maybe you had a friend simply give you a compliment out of the blue. Do you remember how great it made you feel? It’s a really sweet surprise and it can make a big difference to someone.

With so much hatred and bullying that goes on today, I thought this would be a good subject to write about. I will never understand what others get from being mean anyways. It can be so simple to be nice to others and even brighten someone’s day. It’s also something that is so easy to do. Being nice to someone doesn’t have to take anything away from you. If we could all try to be a little nicer we would have a much better world.

How Can They Help?

These kinds of experiences can also be good for your health and overall well-being. Let’s look a little farther at some of the benefits that can come from random acts of kindness.


The first thing that doing something nice can do is to make you grateful for your own blessings. This can be especially true if the other person is less fortunate than you are. Or maybe they are just on a tough spot at that moment. You may realize the abundance you have in your own life by being able to give someone else even the smallest bit of yourself.

Lower Your Stress

You may gain a little perspective by stepping out of yourself in order to focus on someone else. Plus, being nice can just make you feel better. When you do something nice for another it releases feel-good hormones and this will increase you overall happiness. And in turn this will help lower your stress. Then all of a sudden, your troubles may not seem quite as bad.

Improve Overall Mood

There are numerous studies that have shown there is a positive effect on mood when you engage in random acts of kindness. You are bound to feel better about life in general when you do good deeds for others. It will make you a better person, so how could you not feel better about yourself?

Less anxiety, higher energy, and improve mood are all things you can look forward to when you perform random acts of kindness. Research has also demonstrated that the pleasure and reward centers of the brain actually light up in the same way for both the giver and receiver. There is actually a name for it, it’s called “helper’s high”.

Natural Painkillers

Did you know that you may even feel physically better when being kind? Say what? Yep! It has been proven that endorphins are released in the brain after doing something for someone else. These are hormones that are in the brain and nervous system. They are often referred to as natural painkillers because of their pain reducing abilities.

Build Better Relationships

This one is probably a given. But, you will even build better relationships when you are kind to others. They will naturally remember this act and recall it with fondness. Random acts of kindness will promote good feelings among people and increase connections. And of course, these bonds can lead to better relationships and lasting positive results.

This is only a handful of the rewards that can come from doing random acts of kindness. Remember, it doesn’t matter how small the gesture is, even a smile can help. And doing good will always make a positive difference. You can’t go wrong. So, give it a try today. It won’t only make the other person feel better, but it will make you feel better as well.

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2 thoughts on “How Random Acts of Kindness Can Help You

  1. I completely agree with you! Sometimes random acts of kindness can change someone’s life. Not that it’s happened to me, but I hope whatever I do can help make their day better, I find it shocking that some people choose to overlook something so small yet so important during their daily lives. Help that old lady with her groceries, leave some change for the homeless and find the directions to this lost tourist. It may only cost you some time or some money, but you may have been the best thing that’s happened to that person! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Sometimes it may be just the simplest thing too. I don’t get why so many people would rather be mean that kind to others. It gives you such a good feeling to help out. Thank you for commenting!

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