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It’s a new year. Wow, time sure does fly doesn’t it?

I mean January is almost over already! It is gone before you know it. Before long summer will be here. Sorry to say it, but I can’t wait. Summer is my favorite time of the year. I am so tired of the cold and snow already.

But, anyway, on to the purpose of this article. I was recently tagged by the awesome Carly Bloggs to do this Top 7 Tag post. Which is pretty much just to sum up your previous year. You know, go over your top posts and the things you achieved in 2018. And to also write about what I am looking forward to for 2019. So, here we go.

Since this is still a new blog, my top posts are not necisarilly from 2018. But, i am going to list them anyway. So, here are my favorite posts on my blog.

My 7 Favorite Posts

# 1

The first three are going to be about type 1 diabetes. I am trying to raise awareness about this disease. My favorite post is Dealing with Newly Diagnosed T1D. It is a post about my daughter and my niece. They are both t1d and living happy healthy lives. It’s just a little insight on a few things we deal with daily. My purpose for this post was to give other t1d’s hope and let them know that they are not alone

# 2

The next one here is Understanding T1D. It explains a little about what t1d is and the different types. I also included some of the warning signs to look out for. Anyone can get this disease at any time, and it’s best to catch it early.

# 3

My third favorite post would be Insulin is Life Support. I really love this title. This is written to let you know how about the use of insulin as a type 1 diabetic. There is no cure and insulin is what keeps you alive. Injecting yourself with insulin is not a cure, it literally is life support.

# 4

Alright, so now on to my next favorite. Here are some Super Savings Bundles. You’ll find some really cool packages at some amazing prices. Check out the bundles that are available now.

# 5

Here we have How to Start Working Out at Home. If you’re like me and you hate going to the gym, check it out. You can start off this year by trying to improve your health. It’s really is easy to work out right from the comfort of your own home.

# 6

Next up is the Beginner Meditation Basics. Meditation offers many health and mental benefits. Find out how to give it a try and see if it’s right for you.

# 7

In my final post, you’ll find 6 tips to help you set Smart Weight Loss Goals. Make sure that you are setting yourself up for success. These smart tips can help ensure that you achieve your goals.

7 Things I Loved in 2018

  1. The thing I loved the most last year would have to be the love and support of my family. They are always there pushing me forward. I don’t know what I would do without them by my side.
  2. Having friends that are like family. I only have a few, but the ones I do have are the best. It’s a great feeling to look back and know they were always there when I needed them.
  3. Being happy and healthy. That always makes for a great year.
  4. Getting a new car. We purchased a Dodge Challenger last year. And I absolutely love it! My husband had to convince me to get it. Now here it is, one of my favorite things from last year.
  5. Having my entire family together through the holidays. We have a pretty big family. And we have a blast when we all get together. The holidays always seem to be a favorite time of year.
  6. Learning new things. I spent quite a bit of time last year researching for my blog. You may think I’m crazy for adding that to a favorite post. But, I really enjoyed learning something new.
  7. Starting a business. I actually have another blog that I started last year. It’s called Going Places with Kendra. That one is to help other beginner bloggers. I meant for it to be more of a business, this one is more personal. I really do love it, that’s why it’s my final favorite.

7 Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2019

  1. Building new relationships. I am totally a homebody. I’ve never been a very social person. Because of the blogging, I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and work on that. So, I am looking forward to building some new blogging relationships.
  2. Growing my blog and my business. I hope to be able to grow my business enough for my husband to stay home with us. I know that’s a pretty big goal. But, I’m hoping to at least gain a little success.
  3. The summertime, or at least spring. This one is probably a given. I’m sure it’s on everyone’s list, at least those of us that are in the cold. I cannot wait for some warmer weather.
  4. Camping is something we love to do with family and friends. There is a special little place where we go camping every year. We recently got a new camper. And I am so looking forward to spending some much needed time laying in my hammock, sitting around a campfire, and having a few drinks!
  5. Trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I want to try and eat healthier and stick to an exercise routine. You worry more about your health as you get older and I want to stay healthy.
  6. My 10 year Anniversary. I have been with my husband for 16 years, but we have only been married for 9. While I don’t have plans yet, I’m sure looking forward to making some!
  7. Making new memories and spending more time with my family. I don’t feel 2018 was a very good year for me. And I am ready to make 2019 a better one.

7 Amazing Blogs To Check Out

Here are the 7 amazing blogs that I am going to tag. I nominate the following people to complete the challenge next. 

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#7. https://www.simplyadiary.com

The Top 7 Tag
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4 thoughts on “The Top 7 Tag

  1. Its great that you have shed light on this type of diabetes. People often feel alone and confused when diagnosed and it’s so comforting to know there are others with the same struggle

    1. Thanks! That’s why I decided to share our story. It is very hard in the beginning. Trying to help as many people as I can. And there are so many out there that don’t even know what type 1 diabetes is.

  2. This is such a great tag! I love that you bought a Dodge Challenger! Old or new? I think it’s every British petrol heads dream to own a bit of American Muscle at some point lol.

    1. Thanks. It’s a 2014 R/T Plus. Yeah, it was what my husband always wanted, well he actually wanted the Hellcat. But, that was out of our league. Lol. And since he has a work truck, it’s pretty much my car. So, who’s gonna argue with that? I really do love it myself though too.

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